About Me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and this is my blog!

A few things about me:

I’m a trained opera singer, though I haven’t been singing as much since I’ve been in grad school.  Hoping to get back into it soon!

I taught middle school for the past few years and loved it!

My favorite food is mushrooms.  My second favorite food is chocolate.  But the best thing I’ve ever eaten is the baked apple at Brennan’s in New Orleans.

I love board games, photography, and riding my bike!

And clearly, I love to read!  I often have a lot to say about the books I read, so the purpose of my blog is to share my thoughts and recommendations.  Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment back!



3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi
    May I please ask where you got your image of the cut out book scene?
    I love it and would like to find a Hi Res copy to make a gift.
    Many thanks!
    Ps I worked in opera for a few years… wonderful

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