Welcome to my very first blog!  I spent the last two years getting my Masters in English Literature, and I came to realize that what I love is not writing esoteric academic articles about a piece of literature through a specific theoretical lens but simply having a really great conversation about the literature itself.  Plus I’m super excited to have the time to read exactly what I want rather than professor-assigned lit.  So this blog is for me to share my thoughts with you on what I am reading as I’m reading.  Reading is my love and my passion, and I welcome your thoughts and suggestions for my next book.  I also welcome your opinions and reactions to the books I’m writing about.  But please remember: reading is a highly personal experience, and these are just my opinions and reactions based on my individual reading experience.  So feel free to disagree, but please be kind to whoever you are responding to!

My goal with this blog is to meet new books and reacquaint myself with familiar books, continue engaging with books critically, and to hopefully inspire you to read something you might not otherwise pick up.  And, of course, I’m always looking for the next book on my shelf!

Happy reading!